Overture Music Lessons

An introduction to music that will stay with you for a lifetime.


Private Music Lessons

Overture Music Lessons provides private instruction in beginner and intermediate flute and piano to students of all ages. The studio is supportive and adaptive to your unique learning styles and needs. Whether a beginner or intermediate music student, each musician will develop confidence, discipline, and most importantly, a love for music.

Group Music Classes

We believe that music should be relatable, approachable, and fun for everyone! That's why our music classes are perfect for groups with varied musical experience. Our themed classes are an interactive opportunity to engage with a variety of musical styles and concepts.

Each class includes a mix of critical listening, rhythm challenges, creativity, ear training, reflective listening, and performance activities. Your group is sure to get moving and grooving with body percussion, pitched tubes, shakers, tambourines, and more as they engage with the music.


Meet the Teacher