2018 Holiday Recital & Rehearsal

Holiday Recital - First Parish Church of Bedford

Our 2018 Holiday Recital will take place on Saturday, December 15th at First Parish Church of Bedford. Performances will begin at 2:30pm and will likely run about one hour. All friends and family are welcome to attend the recital - we have plenty of room at the church for all!

After-Party for OML Students & Immediate Family

After the recital concludes, musicians and their immediate family members are invited back to the Overture Music Lessons studio for home-made hot cocoa and a cookie party. Please bring a cookie plate or treat to share if you are attending the After-Party.

Dress Rehearsal - December 8th

Students participating in the GROUP performance of Let it Snow MUST attend the mandatory Dress Rehearsal on Saturday, December 8th at the Overture Music Lessons studio from 1-2:30pm.

Students only playing solo pieces are encouraged to attend the dress rehearsal, but their attendance is not required.

Recital Dress Code

Performers should plan to dress nicely, as they will be on stage performing. Slacks or nice jeans with a collared shirt or sweater for gentleman and a dress or blouse and pants for ladies. Formal attire is welcome, but not at all required.

Can I attend if I just want to be in the audience?

Some of our students have opted not to perform in the recital. We hope you will join us in the audience and please do still RSVP with the form on this page.

Please RSVP for the Recital, Rehearsal, & After-Party by Dec 1

How many people will be attend the Recital at First Parish Church on December 15th? Please include grandparents, family friends, siblings, and your student(s). A rough estimate or guess is fine!
Dress Rehearsal RSVP *
All musicians participating in the GROUP performance of Let it Snow must attend the December 8th Dress Rehearsal. Solo students attendance at the Dress Rehearsal is optional but suggested.
All musicians and their immediate family (parents, siblings, spouses, children) are welcome after the recital at Overture Music Lessons home studio for cookies and hot cocoa. Please bring one plate of cookies or holiday treats to share! How many will be in your Hot Cocoa & Cookie Party group?
December is so busy! If you have plans or scheduling needs that I should know about for the Holiday Recital on December 15th or the Dress Rehearsal on December 8th, please describe those here: